Thursday, June 26, 2008

Six Flags - Not for Pregnant Women!

We made our first trip to Six Flags last week. We went after Trey got home from work one evening, so we could get our passes set up, and get a few hours in while Isabella was in town. I knew, going in, that my ride choices would be limited, obviously no roller coasters, but I Had No Clue! 

I pretty much can't ride anything. Oh wait, I can ride the Colossus, the giant ferris wheel, and I can ride the train. Everything else says "No Pregnant Women!" Even some of the kid rides in Bugs Bunny National Forrest say no preggos. Seriously.

However, we still had a great time - and this summer, I will be that mom that sits back and watches everyone else have a great time.  My enjoyment will come from watching my kids have fun!  I have actually reached that point in my motherhood!

Sean's favorite thing was splashing in the water that shot up out of the ground, and he kinda dug the kiddie train and then the big train.  Isabella is getting too big for many of the rides that she's always done, so she's having to graduate to some of the bigger rides that she thinks she won't like!  

Sean is kinda like his big sis, in a way.  He still has a long way to go to completely enjoying even the smallest of kiddie rides!

We thought he was going to ride the blue airplane, but all we managed was to get a photo of his crying.  He loved the kiddie balloon ride - until it started moving!

I'm sure we'll have many more trips out there this season.  And maybe I'll even sneak in a ride or two!

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